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Layerise is re-inventing the owner’s manual

A paper free owner’s manual with built-in customer registration, chat and interactive guides.

Product Reminders

Product How-to guides

Customer insights

Post-sale Triggers

Smart localisation

Best-in-class authoring tool

Post-sale Marketing

Smart product registration

Customisable to your brand

Built-in Product chat

Get to know your customers

Layerise helps you close the communication gap between you and your customers. Get their valuable feedback and beat your competitors.

Get to know your customers
Because you need more than just a simple page

Because you need more than just a simple page

Customers want solutions to engage with brands; they're expecting product contextual interactive content fitting their way of learning.

Because your customers want more than paper

Start turning mediocre paper experiences into customer favorite experiences. Get your product experience up to date and start building tomorrow's experiences with smart guides, video guides, chat, and intelligent editor elements.

Get a free digital manual
Get a free digital manual

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