8 Best Zendesk Alternatives in 2022

8 Best Zendesk Alternatives in 2022

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Do you think Zendesk is no longer the best option for you? Are you planning to switch from Zendesk to other alternatives? Is Zendesk recurring high cost? We are here to help you with 8 alternative solutions that you should take into consideration.

Zendesk is a predominantly cloud-based CRM platform that business individuals use to manage customer issues. This conversational tool allows you to create customized messages and unify them into various mediums. Zendesk's all-in-one customer service solution provides:

  • Potential help desk

  • Desk automation

  • Superior SLA management

  • Standard ticketing system

  • Insights and analytics

Zendesk is a solution that can help you manage inbound customer service. Their solution comes into play when a customer is experiencing a problem with your product or service and needs help. Zendesk helps you manage a high number of queries from your customers. What would be smart to do instead is to teach your customers how to use the product in advance to improve their experience and reduce the stream of queries to the customer service. For these purposes, you will quickly find out that Layerise is the best solution currently available on the market.

Zendesk is a very popular solution for customer relationship management but is getting expensive. That is also why we searched for alternative solutions that could be more affordable for you. Moreover, Zendesk has a very complex interface that makes it challenging for new users. The alternatives that we selected for you all have an easy interface that anyone can learn to use in a short period of time.

The alternative solutions you will find below can be defined as more complete than Zendesk. For instance, thanks to Layerise, you don’t only manage requests by existing customers. With Layerise you collect data about all your customers, you can design an excellent onboarding experience, you can provide them with effective customer service, you can get feedback from them, and constantly monitor the performance of your virtual assistant. The alternatives we present below can be considered more complete, they will allow you to create a great experience for your customers and save on support activities, achieving overall high benefits.

8 Best Zendesk Alternatives

Here you will find 8 Zendesk alternatives that we have selected for you.

1. Layerise

Layerise can be considered the best Zendesk alternative. Founded in 2019, Layerise acts as a bridge between the end customers and your company. It can help shift your focus from the theoretical and unproductive instructions manuals to an interactive customer experience. Layerise focuses more on providing your customers with the best user experience ever, the priority is teaching the customer how to use the product and this will then lead to a reduction in customers’ queries. The point is not solving customers’ problems, it is preventing them from emerging.


Layerise allows you to:

  • Create brand-safe product-specific Assistants

Provide your product onboarding, assembly guides, or troubleshooting help that your customers can always access. Create simple, advanced, and powerful guides. Educate your customers about the product features and inform about changes or maintenance activities. Improve your content over time with the help of performance insights and customer satisfaction.

  • Extend the localization support of your content with one click

Select additional languages you want to support and let the editor do the hard work. Edit or remove any language at any time. These functionalities allow you to personalize the customer support platform efficiently.

  • Import material and create content much faster

With component-based editing, you can utilize standardized content like Tip, Tools, Warnings, and much more. This allows you to create the best customer guide extremely fast, with a wide range of content including images and video tutorials.

  • Define user roles and set team workflows

Invite internal or external team members and quickly establish collaboration for easy content review and publishing. This functionality is crucial to better organize and plan the work with your colleagues.

  • Support your customers in real-time directly from the Assistant

Engaging your customers through a chat interface increases customer satisfaction and in return results in happier customers. Layerise Chat enables you to support your customers and track satisfaction without extra work. Also, with Layerise Chat you don't have to spend your time collecting basic information about who the customer is or what product the customer has issues with. Our Chat represents this data automatically for you.

  • Build automated marketing campaigns based on your audience

Layerise provides services under three plans: Starter, Professional, Enterprise.

The Starter tier, priced at €708 per month, offers essential features for crafting your after-sales system and accommodates unlimited products, up to 10,000 customers, 1 user seat, and 1 workspace. It includes optimized registration forms, detailed customer profiles, a dashboard, and basic components like stories and articles.

The other two tiers and build upon the previous one, offering more features, capabilities, and customization options to meet the needs of different businesses.

2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software. Trusted by more than 40000 companies, this platform helps you with bots, self-service solutions, and Omni-channels.


Freshdesk is suitable for ticketing, collaboration, omnichannel support (Email, phone, chat, media, etc.), Automation in ticket dispatch, intelligent ticket assignment, field services such as scheduling dashboard, service tasks, and analytics, customization, and security.

With this platform, you can support your customers using multiple channels like phones, email, chat, or social media platforms. In addition to that, Freshdesk also has a simple interface that can help you save time and effort.

With Freshdesk you will get an extensive team collaborative feature to manage your team better. However, this Zendesk substitute lacks standard automation and customization, which can be better.

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with all features, and it is available for up to 10 agents. For the Growth plan, you need to pay $15.47/per month if you choose the monthly payment and $12.89 /month if you go with the annual plan.

Individuals seeking higher performance can opt for the Pro plan for $46.45/month under the annual billing section and $55.48/month under monthly payment. However, most people go for the famous plan Enterprise. You need to pay $73.55/month if billed annually and $89.03 if billed every month for this plan.

3. Zoho

Zoho Desk offers an automation-enabled ticketing system, which can help you easily assign tickets for worthy agents. One of the best characteristics of this CRM site is that it automatically provides information to clients and customer support agents.

Its extensive features like sales force automation, process management, omnichannel, analytics, customization, remote work, security, advanced developer platform, and Zia, the conversational AI assistant, will help you manage your work swiftly and professionally. Except for a few Apple appliances, it works well on almost every platform.


With Zoho Desk you can easily manage tickets and collaborate with your entire team effectively. It can also be used for social support integration with a super supportive user interface. Furthermore, it is AI-supported and integrated with Zoho Desk to leverage customer support.

It comes in 4 plans: Standard, Professional, Enterprise & Ultimate. If you go for the yearly payment, you can save up to 34%. You will pay $10.32 if billed annually; for Professional, $18.07; for Enterprise, $30.97; and for Ultimate, you need to pay $33.55 per month or per user.

4. Help Scout

Help scout is a customer service software solution that provides a variety of services to its users. When individuals sign up for Help Scout, they get access to a feature-rich platform with powerful customer-supportive tools. This is why it is one of the best Zendesk alternatives in the market at the moment.

If you are looking for features like automating repetitive tasks, live chat support, data access in real-time, reliable customer management, extended knowledge base, shared inbox, and easy ticket creation and submission, then Help Scout can be your solution.


Except for its slow performance, there are various reasons why users opt for this Help scout. First, it is suitable for customized usages and optimal individual experience with straightforward and accessible features for set-up. In addition to that, it provides a good support team, and its advanced workflows can help one out with easy Ticketing.

With Help Scout, you will save up to 20% if you go for the annual subscription. The Standard plan comes at $20, Plus plan at $35 and the Company plan at $60 per user per month.

5. Hubspot service Hub

Hubspot Service is a well-known name for sales, marketing, customer management, and high-quality tools. Some of the main solutions you can access through Hubsport Service are: VoIP calling, Ticketing, Help desk, Live Chat support, Chatbots, industry-standard Email planner, and a wide range of snippets and templates.

Hub spot scout in text

With Hubspot service hub, you can get 24X7 customer support, and professional solutions, integrated CRM services, a straightforward interface, and developing customized reports become so easy. Therefore, this substitute can be a worthy investment, except for a sluggish chatbox that can sometimes overwhelm your users with other extensions.

Get the Starter plan at $540 for 2 users, Professional at $5400 for 5 users and $14400 for 10 users billed annually.

6. Helpjuice

Helpjuice is a reliable cloud-based knowledge management platform that helps users build a knowledge base for internal and external usage. In addition, it lets the users resolve their problems using a self-service customer support system without reaching out to support staff.

Its remarkable features include multi-language support, SSL security, customizable templates, real-time notification, knowledge base management, workflow, and third-party integration.


Except for the uploading time during a form fill-up, this reliable, flexible, and user-friendly alternative can help you manage remote teams in educational institutions and financial service sectors. It will also allow you to invite the other members to contribute their acquired knowledge base.

If you are interested in buying their packages that start from $120/month to $499/month, you may visit their site and talk with the representative. You can choose your preference for Starter, Run-Up, Premium Limited, and Premium Unlimited plans as per the requirements.

7. LiveAgent

Live agent is acknowledged for managing customer queries professionally. You can do that through various mediums such as live chat, email, phone calls, and social media. Hence, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your Call Center company, this CRM platform can offer you reliable support.

LiveAgent intext

If you prefer to avail features like agent management, agent collision detection and easy ticketing system, audit logs for the reference points, organization of contacts, and managing contact forms, LiveAgent can be your one-stop solution. It also helps you properly distribute tickets to their respective departments, arrange email templates, and manage a hybrid ticket stream on the go.

With this alternative, you can enjoy the automated customer service options, build-in and strong CRM base, and multiple ways to communicate with your clients. Except for its mobile apps being non-responsive, it has a straightforward and understandable user interface, a solid knowledge base, and upgraded customer support.

Live agent offers three main plans: Free to Ticket, Ticket+Chat, and All-inclusive. They come at $0, $15, $29, and $49 per month per agent.

8. Groove

Groove offers faster and high-quality support to retain customers. In addition to that, you can use the platform to collaborate on single support for better Ticketing.


Are you looking for features such as sales automation, Email sync, real-time insight, an activity log, multiple & customizable templates, Auto-call logging, call statistics, a build-in dialer and an advanced search at a budget-friendly price? Try using Groove to have all of the features under one platform.

This alternative will make transferring any data to the Groove database easier and faster. It can engage your accounts efficiently and help you to generate valuable analytics. With it, you can create effective multi-step campaigns and automatically sync your mail with outbound and inbound calendar records. However, you may face some hardships with its customer portal as it is not wholly customizable, is extremely slow, and has fundamental reporting problems.

In terms of pricing, there Groove offers three plans: Free, Starter, and Pro, with the option to pay monthly and annual bills. For example, with Free, you get up to 500 contacts for a lifetime, and if you want up to 5000 contacts, try Starter, which will cost you $79, and Pro will give you access to 30000 contacts for $299 per month if you take up the annual subscription.


Your business will never flourish if you don't take care of your customers. Since the customer is at the core of any business, keeping an eye on improving customer relationships is undoubtedly crucial.

The foundation for growing successfully and beating the competition is creating and maintaining valuable relationships with your customers. To do that, you need a tool that enables you to solve customer support and provide marketing possibilities at the same time. This is exactly what Layerise is currently offering to the market.

Layerise provides the best post-sales B2C enablement tool to solve customer support, provide marketing possibilities and build sales opportunities.

Layerise helps provide a unique customer onboarding experience and helps brands to build a fruitful and ongoing customer relationship that brings continuous revenue streams. Additionally, through Layerise platform, you can gather first-party customer data, which will help you create effective marketing campaigns and personalized user experience.

If you want to see how layerise can help your business, book a demo with us now!