Customer Management Now Easier and More Powerful

Customer Management Now Easier and More Powerful


At Layerise, we are perpetually driven by the mission to empower consumer goods brands to understand and engage their customers more dynamically. That's why we're exhilarated to announce a significant enhancement to our customer management capabilities. This impactful update not only reshapes your oversight of customer data and product registrations but also enables you to create, edit, and delete customers. In addition to these, the ability to review customer product registrations is now at your fingertips. Through streamlined customer management, this release opens up a multitude of opportunities for informed decision-making and improved productivity.

Improved Customer Management Capabilities

Today's vibrant digital landscape underscores the importance of customer data as the lifeblood of a thriving business. To better serve your needs in this area, we've focused our latest update on improved usability, enhanced customer data oversight, and streamlined customer management.

Upon launching the updated interface, you'll immediately notice our improvements to the customer detail interface. We've specifically redesigned it with your needs in mind, making navigation and management of customer data intuitive and efficient. The changes, however, go beyond aesthetics, offering enhanced functionality that can significantly affect your business operations.

Well-managed customer data isn't just a convenience in the consumer goods industry; it's an indispensable part of running a successful business. The ability to understand customer behaviours, anticipate needs, and deliver highly personalized experiences hinges on the quality of your customer data. The value of having accurate and accessible customer data can't be overstated—it allows for agile decision-making and cultivates stronger customer relationships.

Layerise - Customer Management Product Update

In response to this industry need, we're empowering you with easy-to-use yet robust tools to manage your customer data. The features we've rolled out in this update aim to make managing your customer data as effortless and efficient as possible.

  • Create New Customers: One of the cornerstones of this update is the capability to manually add new customers. This feature brings unparalleled opportunities to expand your customer data pool, ensuring every interaction is tracked and recorded. By allowing you to grow your customer data organically, it ensures a richer, more comprehensive understanding of your customer base.

  • Edit Customer Details: Keeping your customer data updated and relevant is paramount. Our new ability to alter customer information as needed will help you maintain the most current details, be it changes in address, contact details, or segmentation details. This ensures that your customer data remains fresh, enabling you to serve your customers better by addressing their current needs and situations.

  • Delete Customers: Maintaining a clean, accurate, and relevant set of customer data is key, especially when it comes to complying with legal requirements or responding to customer requests. Our new delete function simplifies the removal of customer data when required, ensuring that your customer information remains precise and up-to-date.

Control of Customer Product Registrations

Beyond the enhanced customer management capabilities, we've amplified your control over customer product registrations. For you the product registrations are pivotal—they're established when an end-customer registers their newly purchased product. Recognising this, we've expanded your management capabilities to include the ability to delete product registrations, granting you an even greater level of control and precision in managing your customer interactions.

This feature serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps verify the genuineness of your customer data. By being able to remove registrations as needed, you ensure the authenticity of the registrations that remain. Secondly, it proves particularly beneficial in specific scenarios - for instance, when a product is returned, recalled, or replaced. In these cases, the deletion of the corresponding registration helps keep your product status up-to-date, ensuring your customer data accurately mirrors the real-world status of your products.

Thank you for the support

This update represents a significant step in our ongoing commitment to enhancing the Layerise experience. Our redesigned customer detail interface and new customer management features combine to make this one of the most impactful updates we've released. With these new tools, managing customer data has never been easier, and we're confident that you'll appreciate the difference they make in your day-to-day operations.

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