August '19 Product Announcements

August '19 Product Announcements

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After all the amazing support we have received over the last several quarters, we are finally ready to add new and important features. Moreover, due to the interest and support, we have decided to push product update blog post at least once a month. This post is the first one in a sequence of many.

What is being introduced? Since the beginning, we have been working hard on providing a platform that establishes the most effective and service-oriented communication path between brands and customers. Now, with the experience of servicing the dialog between brands and customers, we are finally ready to release a platform update that will ensure a dialog rich communication between you and your customers.

dialog assistant 2

From today, all clients both on the FREE and PRO plan will get access to Layerise Dialog. The Layerise Dialog will serve the need of communication between brands and customers. Our goal has been to make a communication tool that is easy to use, product-aware, customer-centric, smart and automation driven. Also, we wanted to empower brands to provide customers with a premium communication feeling directly from the product assistant. With this, customers can open the assistant and with one tab directly communicate with a product representative. Comparing this experience with the conventional communication we are completely removing the hassle for customers on sending emails, tracking support tickets, providing product model information and most importantly waiting for help.

dialog admin

As a brand using Layerise Dialog you will be given a customer and product-centric data set when communicating with each customer. This data includes customer validation, satisfaction, product registration, assistant usage and behaviour. As you communicate with customers the Layerise Dialog will conduct product and communication satisfaction scores which you will be provided in realtime during your dialog.

That’s all for this month. As always, if you have any questions or need help, please reach out.