Nidecker & Layerise partner to make life easier for snowboarders

Nidecker & Layerise partner to make life easier for snowboarders


Layerise and Nidecker got together to bring to life a cutting-edge product experience.

Nidecker is a 100% family-owned snowboarding company dedicated to bringing inspiration and innovation to snowboarders all over the world. For over 130 years, Nidecker has been creating cutting-edge products to revolutionize the industry of action sports. Today, Nidecker is the oldest continually-operated European snowboard brand.

Nidecker partnered with Layerise in an innovative customer experience project around Nidecker game-changing new Supermatic binding. This partnership allows Nidecker to leverage Layerise's technology to further expand on their customer experience goals by breaking down advanced concepts into customer friendly bite-size chunks.

Supermatic's innovative product assistant

The Supermatic is extremely intuitive, but to give riders an even richer experience there are a couple of instructions that should be followed, such as adjusting the straps, locking the buckles, and setting the forward lean. This is where Layerise comes into play to create an exceptional interactive customer experience.

Thanks to Layerise’s brand-safe product-specific Assistant, Nidecker can provide their customers with all the information needed to enjoy the Supermatic to the fullest. From instructional videos to simple and powerful guides, Nidecker’s Product Assistant supports customers throughout their entire user journey.

The Supermatic Product Assistant is simple, intuitive, and powerful. Thanks to their high-quality videos and images, the Assistant is not only giving instructions, but it’s creating an interactive experience for the customers to learn how to enjoy their new product, from the first use. Have a look at the Product Assistant here!


With Layerise, it becomes easy for brands to provide a post-sale experience that traditional hard copy user manuals fail to give. Customers are not keen on reading product manuals anymore, they are too long to read and the information is not displayed in an intuitive way.

Layerise Product Assistant is easily accessible, personalized, and intuitive. Customers just need to scan a QR code to access all the information related to the product, from anywhere at any time. Layerise platform ensures that every customer gets the most optimal product experience

To learn more about how Layerise helped Nidecker present their latest innovation in a smarter and modern way click here.

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