One QR for all your products with Distribution

One QR for all your products with Distribution


Today, we're releasing two new big features and some general improvements. Registration Score - the perfect way to learn about your customer's journey before registering and improving the likelihood of it. Distribution, making it easier than ever to distribute your after-sales experiences at scale. 

Read more about the Registration score here

Introducing Distributions

It's finally here, one QR for all your products, whether 2000 or just 2. While some of you already use this feature, we're happy to introduce additional improvements based on your feedback.


One of the critical criteria for getting customer data is to have visitors. With the Registration Score we have given you the opportunity to fine-tune the likelihood of visitors becoming customers but optimizing for more visitors is equally important.

With our new distribution feature, you can use one QR code for all your products, this makes it much easier to get your QR codes out there since you don't have to spend resources adding the individual ones.

Furthermore, we have enabled the possibility to customize the UTM tracking parameters to allow you to create different QR code campaigns. Additionally, you can also tweak the appearance of the QR code, both to match your brand and also to make them safe from any damage and print errors. 

Below is a quick overview of use cases and features that Distribution includes

  • One QR for all your products.

  • Create campaign-specific QR codes.

  • Monitor and measure success for each code.

  • Support for QR-level damage control.

  • More branding options.

A/B testing your benefits

If you're unfamiliar with A/B testing, it's a technique where you display different versions to different pool sizes of your visitors. This is to help narrow down which communication or visual that works best for your customers. With the release of Distribution, this has become much easier as you can easily create multiple campaigns testing different variations like different benefits: 

  1. Extended warranty.

  2. Discount code.

  3. Live support.

Above is just some examples of an A/B setup testing different benefits, only your creativity is the limit.

User journeys and micro-moments

Another benefit of making it easier to Distribute your codes is the possibility of creating multiple campaigns for different scenarios and use cases. Taking the user journey into account and mapping out all the customer's touchpoints and micro-moments can significantly improve the traffic and registrations to your CX destinations. Below is a user-journey example of making multiple campaigns for a bike.

  1. The customer receives the bike in a box.

  2. A unique QR code on the box with a campaign focused on helping the customer assemble the bike before biking.

  3. The customer finalizes assembling, and there is a tag on the handlebar with a QR code with a campaign for discounted accessories if they register.

  4. Lastly, the customer has been using the bike for a while and need to increase the tire pressure; on the physical product, there is a QR code campaign with maintenance guidance and support. This will help the customer in such a micro-moment as they can quickly read about what tire pressure what the tire needs to be pumped to. 

Above is a simplified version, and there are many variations depending on product type and customers. We're looking forward to see how you're going to use this feature and which micro-moments and messages that will resonate with your customers. 

Additional improvements

Even though the two previous features alone are huge improvements, we managed to add some more minor but important updates as well.

Duplicate content

With our introduction of reusable content, you guys have been giving us valuable feedback on how you're using and working with content inside the platform. We're happy to introduce the possibility to duplicate content. This feature is available today for Stories, Articles, Assistants, and with Components, Assistants, and Products being supported within the next following weeks. 


Improvement to the look of components

Like duplicate content, you guys have provided valuable feedback on how you work with content inside the Layerise platform. Many of you have requested the possibility of making your preview images stand out and utilizing the entire canvas to your liking; this is now possible. By not setting any title and excerpt on your component, the gradient will not be shown.


Thank you for the support

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need a helping hand.

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