Registration Score with industry benchmark

Registration Score with industry benchmark

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We're excited to announce the launch of a new feature called "Registration Score." With this tool, you can gain insights into your customers' registration journey and identify areas for improvement. By analyzing the data and providing a score, the Registration Score feature enables you to enhance the registration process and increase the chances of successful signups. This feature will help you optimize your customer experience and drive growth for your business.

Introducing the Registration Score 

The Registration Score is the key to unlocking unparalleled insights into your customer registration process! This metric measures the efficiency of your registration process and evaluates how easily customers can navigate to the registration page and complete it quickly.

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With the Registration Score, you can seamlessly track the registration process and pinpoint any bottlenecks or obstacles that may hinder successful registrations. Armed with this information and using the Layerise services as Forms, Assistant builder, etc, you can make swift and impactful changes to streamline the registration process, enhance the user experience, and ultimately drive business growth.

Below is a quick overview of use cases and features that the Registration Score include

  • Clear guidance on how to improve the likelihood of your customers registering their products. 

  • Benchmarking your score with your industry to see your performance against competitors.

  • Sub-scores to help you measure and monitor your impacts with immediate effect.

  • A collection of success tips to increase your Registration Score.

Check your performance against the industry benchmark

The Registration Score comes with industry benchmark. This benchmark is a reference point against which you can compare your performance, and it refers to the average score achieved by companies in the same industry or market as you. By comparing your Registration Score to the benchmark, you can determine how well you perform in relation to your competitors.

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If your score is above the benchmark, it indicates that you're performing better than average, and if it's below the benchmark, it indicates that you may need to make improvements to remain competitive. Understanding the benchmark is critical because it provides you with valuable insights into your performance and enables you to make data-driven decisions to improve your registration process.

Sub-scores that make your overall Registration Score

The registration score is calculated by taking into account five essential sub-scores. Each of these carries a unique contribution to the overall registration score, allowing you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your registration process's effectiveness. It's essential to note that the Registration Score is not an average of the sub-scores mentioned but an algorithmic scoring system that accurately reflects your performance. By monitoring and improving your sub-scores, you can significantly improve your registration score, and increase the gathering of valuable customer data. The sub-scores are:

  1. Customer conversion score: This metric measures the percentage of visitors to a Assistant who become customers by registering their purchase. The customer conversion score is a key performance indicator that helps marketers evaluate the effectiveness of their registration strategies including customer benefits or perceived value. A high customer conversion score indicates that you are successfully turning visitors into registered customers. You should use this metric to identify areas for improvement in your registration strategy.

  2. Ease of registration score: This metric measures how easy or difficult it is for visitors to reach the registration form. The registration form could provide various customer benefits such as loyalty program, accessing support, or creating an account to make purchases with discounts. If the registration form is difficult to find or if your Assistant setup does provide clear reasons to register, visitors may become frustrated and abandon the process. You should use this metric to evaluate the ease of registration and make adjustments to improve the ease of registration.

  3. Average time to registration score: This metric measures the amount of time a visitor spends in an Assistant before completing the registration process. If the time to registration process is too long, complicated or unclear, visitors may lose interest and abandon the registration process. Use this metric to evaluate the effectiveness of your registration triggers and make adjustments to reduce the time it takes for visitors to initiate registration.

  4. Average actions to registration score: This metric measures the number of actions a visitor takes on a website before starting the registration process. If visitors have to take too many actions before they can start the registration process, they may leave the Assistant and never finalise their registration. Marketers can use this metric to make adjustments and reduce the number of actions to initiate registration.

  5. Average sessions to registration score: This metric measures the number of times a visitor returns to a website before completing the registration process. If visitors have to return to the website too many times before they can complete the registration process, they may not see the full potential or value of the registration. Marketers can use this metric to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and make adjustments to reduce the number of sessions required for registration to happen .

We have prepared a extensive list of how-to's and tips on how to improve each sub-score and eventually the overall Registration Score. See the full list of tips and tricks here.

Introducing the Weekly Digest email

We're excited to announce that we've heard your feedback and taken action to enhance your experience. Now, you'll receive performance emails directly in your inbox, giving you a hassle-free way to keep tabs on your progress. With our new weekly digest email, you'll gain valuable insights into your performance over the past seven days, including your registration score. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly logging to monitor your progress, and instead, get ready to see your results delivered straight to your inbox!

Weekly digest email

It's essential to monitor performance in any business, as it provides critical insights into how well your strategies are working. By tracking your registration score and other key metrics, you can identify areas that need improvement, make informed decisions, and ultimately increase your chances of success. With the convenience of our weekly digest email, you can easily stay on top of your performance and take action accordingly, saving you time and effort. Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your performance monitoring and take your business to the next level!

One more thing

Today we also release Distributions; One QR code for all your products. Its never been easier to get your customers reaching your product's after-sales experience.

Thank you for the support

All features covered in this release are rolling out over the next couple of hours and are made available in your account. Moreover, to see if you have access to all our newest improvements and features visit our pricing page.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need a helping hand.

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