September'20 Product Announcements

September'20 Product Announcements

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It's September and we're ready for yet another exciting product update. While the summer weather is slowly fading away we have been cooking some interesting new features and updates for you. This month we're happy to announce another big addition to our integration repository and supporting a language spoken by nearly 700 million people.

Zapier Integration

If you haven't already heard about Zapier you have been missing out. Zapier is a middleware service that allows you to connect your data flows with more than 2000+ platforms. Zapier lets you build workflows that do certain actions, this could be everytime you get a new customer it triggers a workflow that will send a Slack notification with your customer data.

Zapier apps

Zapier has many use-cases but we have highlighted a few interesting cases here:

Automate manual tasks

  • Send customer data between Layerise and your favorite newsletter tool.

  • Forward critical feedback from Layerise to your favorite support tool.

  • Notifiy your team on your communication platform everytime a new Product Assistant is created.

Synchronize data

  • Sync customers to Layerise from your favorite commerce platform.

  • Forward customer feedback emails to your Layerise feedback hub.

  • Automatically create Product Assistants everytime you update your inventory mangagement system with a new product.


  • Add reminders in your favorite project management tool when customers haven't recieved a response within a certain timespan on Layerise.

  • Update spreadsheets based on customer behaviors.

  • Automatically invite a new member on Layerise when you add them to your favorite HR tool.

Beta rollout

The Zapier integrations allow tons of new capabilities and create new ways to do automated and streamlined post-sale experiences. However due to the size of this integration we're rolling it out in a private beta first. If your are on the Pro plan and is interested in testing and participating in the beta, do not hesistate to reach out.

Hindi support

With Hindi support your post-sales experiences now support almost 700 million people in their written or spoken language. While you always have been able to publish your content in 116 different languages, this update enables your Assistants' navigation and interface to be shown in Hindi natively.

Hindi support is only the beginning, we have a strong commitment to allow you to serve your customers with the best possible post-sale experience and with that comes native language support. Stay tuned for more language support and updates in the future.

Release date

Starting from today Hindi support is already available for all your customers and Product Assistants. However the Zapier integration will rollout in private beta and will be available for everyone later in October.