The Power of QR Codes: Boosting Customer Loyalty and Engagement

The Power of QR Codes: Boosting Customer Loyalty and Engagement

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QR codes have become a marketing game-changer by helping companies reach out to customers innovatively. With the popularity of mobile devices and social media growing, QR codes are now a critical part of any marketing effort, assisting companies in boosting client loyalty and interaction.

Due to their ability to boost consumer engagement and brand loyalty, QR codes have become widely popular in marketing campaigns. This article will explain QR codes and how businesses can use them to their advantage. Let’s get started!

QR code technology: a definition

Let's first examine QR codes and how they operate before discussing how they improve the store consumer experience.

Information is stored in rectangles of black and white in two-dimensional barcodes known as QR codes. Anything from a link to product details can be included in the information. To view the information, users must use the camera on their smartphone to read the QR code. After the code has been scanned, the viewer is led to the data it contains.

Benefits of QR codes

For companies seeking to increase client engagement, QR codes are an excellent resource because they have the following benefits:

1. Convenience

Utilizing QR codes is simple. Customers can immediately access the information or link affiliated with the code by scanning it with their smartphone's camera. Because of their practicality, QR codes are a preferred option for companies looking for a simple way to interact with their consumers.

2. Cost-effective

Businesses can easily incorporate QR codes into their marketing plan without spending a fortune because they are cheap. As a result, QR codes are perfect for small businesses and new companies seeking to connect customers without spending much money.

3. Flexibility

There are many methods to increase consumer engagement with QR codes. They can be used to advertise sales or discounts, give consumers more details about a company's goods or services, or point clients toward its social media profiles.

4. Trackable

Since QR codes are simple to follow, it is simple to evaluate their effectiveness. These statistics can help businesses increase the efficiency of their QR code initiatives.

The power of QR codes in increasing customer engagement and loyalty

In today's digital era, businesses are constantly searching for strategies to improve the customer experience while technology constantly evolves. The QR code is one tool that is rising in popularity, and up till now, we all know why. Let’s get into a bit more detail. 

7 Reasons QR codes are so popular in retail 

QR codes have become a big hit in the retail industry for various reasons. Here are a few reasons why retailers are embracing QR codes. 

1. Cost-effective marketing tool

QR codes are affordable marketing tools that help retailers connect with their customers. With just the correct QR code generator and printing capability, retailers can create QR codes and offer customers hassle-free access to information about products and services.

2. Enhance customer experience

Customers can enjoy a better purchasing experience using QR codes. Retailers, for instance, can print QR codes on goods to give consumers comprehensive details about the product's features, cost, and reviews. Retailers can also use QR codes to give discounts and promos to consumers, which might also persuade them to purchase.

3. Collaborative shopping experience

Additionally, QR codes can give consumers a participatory purchasing experience. Retailers can, for instance, add QR codes to posters or in-store displays to give consumers more details about the goods or services. Customers can be directed to an online store using QR codes to examine additional products and place orders.

4. QR codes in retail

The shopping sector makes heavy use of QR codes, and this practice will only increase over the years. You can find the prices and any other information about products by scanning the QR codes. You can even see the menus online instead of physical ones. It allows you to update prices, products, and other information quicker, saving you cost on printing new menus altogether.

5. Mobile payments

Customers can now pay for services and products using their smartphones thanks to the use of QR codes in digital payments. From retail to quick-service eateries, this technology is being incorporated into the consumer experience more and more. 

6. Product information

Customers can get comprehensive product details from QR codes. Shoppers can scan QR codes retailers put on goods to access details about the product's specifications, cost, and reviews.

7. Discounts and promotions

QR codes are used to offer customers discounts and promotions. Retailers can place QR codes on marketing materials, allowing customers to scan the code to access deals and promotions.

4 ways QR codes help your business increase customer engagement

Now that you are aware of the advantages of QR codes, let's look at some applications for companies to interact with clients:

1. Drive traffic to social media profiles

Using QR codes to bring consumers to your social media pages is one efficient strategy. Your social media following may grow as a result, which may result in more interaction and purchases. Include a call to action encouraging people to follow you on social media in the QR code and you are good to go. 

2. Offer exclusive discounts and deals

Customers can receive special savings and offers by scanning QR codes. Sales may rise as a result, and clients may be persuaded to buy more frequently.

3. Enhance the customer experience

Clients can get more details about your goods or services by using QR codes. You could, for example put a QR code on the box of a product that connects to a movie showing how to use it.

4. Gather client feedback

Customer input can also be collected using QR codes. Customers can give input about their interactions with your company quickly and readily by including a QR code on a bill or in-store display.

How to use QR codes to create loyalty programs

QR codes are a useful for loyalty programs to increase consumer interaction and engagement. Here are some clever strategies to use QR codes for your company's loyalty program:

4. Reward customer referrals

Use your QR codes to thank consumers for recommending your company to their peers and family. You can motivate current customers to promote your brand and increase business by providing a rebate or incentive for each new client referral.

5. Make your loyalty scheme simple to find

You can use QR codes to make it simple and fast for people to access your loyalty program. Customers can quickly join and begin collecting rewards by entering codes in visible places, like on your website or shop signs.

6. Create a scavenger hunt

Making a scavenger game with QR codes is another entertaining method for the loyalty program. Customers can receive incentives for locating and capturing each code by hiding them throughout your shop or website.

7. Provide mobile ordering and payment

Customers can use QR codes for mobile purchasing and payment choices. Shoppers can swiftly and efficiently buy and pay for their products without a real payment terminal by just scanning a code. This strategy can be super successful if implemented the correct way. 

8. Provide access to product information and reviews

It is also possible to obtain purchase details and reviews using QR codes. Shoppers can quickly and easily read opinions on products they want to buy and learn more information about them by swiping a code.

9. Provide easy access to customer support

QR codes can be used to provide quick and easy access to customer support. By scanning a code, customers can be directed to a support page or contact form to get the help they need quickly.

Famous brands using QR code-based loyalty programs

Brands that want to provide innovative and useful methods for customers to receive incentives and discounts are increasingly joining the QR code-based loyalty program bandwagon. Let's examine how companies use and profit from QR code-based loyalty programs. 

1. Starbucks

The well-known coffee chain Starbucks recently announced Starbucks Odyssey - a blockchain-based loyalty network and NFT community. Customers can participate in this program, receive incentives, and use QR codes on the Starbucks app to redeem them.

2. Sephora

The well-known skincare and beauty store Sephora has a loyalty program called Beauty Insider that lets customers receive credits for every dollar spent. These points can then be exchanged for deals, freebies, and exclusive goods.

3. McDonald's

The multinational fast food chain McDonald's has introduced My McDonald's Rewards, a loyalty program based on QR codes. For every dollar spent, customers can earn points, which can then be redeemed for complimentary drinks and food.

4. Chipotle

The Mexican fast-casual restaurant runs a loyalty program called Chipotle Rewards. Clients can accumulate points for each dollar spent and exchange them for gratuitous meals and beverages.

5. Dunkin' Donuts

The well-known coffee and pastry company Dunkin' Donuts provides a DD Perks rewards program that enables customers to accumulate points for every dollar spent and exchange them for complimentary meals and beverages.

6. Walgreens

The pharmacy company Walgreens provides a Balance Rewards program that uses the same deals as Dunkin' Donuts and Chipotle. 

How Layerise leverages QR codes to improve customer engagement

With the help of Layerise, companies can offer smooth onboarding to their customers. This platform lets customers obtain relevant information quickly by scanning QR codes.

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Here are a few strategies Layerise employs QR codes:

1. Onboarding experience

Businesses can easily and effectively enroll consumers by using QR codes. Customers will have a better overall shopping experience due to feeling more at ease and secure about their purchases.

2. Customer feedback

To gather customer input, Layerise uses QR codes. Adding a QR code to the product's packaging or receipt enables consumers to rapidly share their opinions. It provides useful information about what consumers want and guides companies in identifying areas where they can enhance their goods and services.

3. Personalization

Customers can receive customized services by using QR codes. They can access personalized suggestions, limited-time deals, and promotions from Layerise by scanning QR codes. Businesses can improve client loyalty and retention by offering customers customized experiences like Layerise. 

4. Engagement tracking

Layerise uses QR codes to track customer engagement. Companies can determine which goods or services are attracting the most attention by tracking the number of images. This enables them to spot up-selling and cross-selling possibilities and to focus their marketing efforts on the interests of their customer base.


Q. How do I create a QR code for my marketing campaign?

Various online tools and applications can generate QR codes for free. You can choose the type of code you want to create, add your information, and download the code in various formats.

Q. How can I ensure my QR code is effective?

To ensure your QR code is effective, ensure it is scannable and directs customers to be relevant and engaging content. Additionally, be creative when using QR codes, but ensure they align with your overall marketing strategy. Finally, track the results of your QR code campaigns and make adjustments as needed.

Q. Are QR codes expensive to implement?

QR codes are relatively inexpensive to implement. They are cheap and easy for anyone to use. It makes them an excellent marketing tool for small businesses or those on a tight budget. However, ensuring QR codes fit into your overall digital marketing strategy for better results is crucial.

Q. What are QR code-based loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs that use QR codes monitor consumer purchases and give out rewards. Customers can receive points, discounts, or other benefits by scanning a QR code on their mobile phones. Customers can now easily participate in the program since they don't need to recall signing in at the register or tote around a tangible loyalty card.

Final thoughts

QR codes are a steal for businesses seeking to boost consumer engagement and loyalty. Using QR codes, customers can easily reach your goods or services and have a fun and engaging experience. You can use these QR codes to outrank competitor websites in Google search results. All you need to do is incorporate these into your marketing campaign and provide customers with the best potential experience.

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next digital level with QR codes, Layerise is here to support you. Book a demo today or visit our website, and let’s get started immediately!