What Is a Product Demo Video: Benefits and Examples

What Is a Product Demo Video: Benefits and Examples

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Are you a product-oriented company and want to increase customer engagement? A product video demo can help you reach your goals. Product demo videos are a great way to capture your viewers’ attention and get them excited about what you are selling. The goal is to prove your product’s value proposition and show potential and existing customers how they will benefit from using your product.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a demo video will be 10 times more powerful than a picture. That is why 72% of marketers who use videos think it is a crucial marketing strategy.

What is a Product Demo Video?

A product demo video is vital to let your customers know how your products work effectively. These videos show your products in action and educate prospective clients about all the different features. In addition, it is a way to help people visualize what they will experience with the actual product once they buy it.

The main aim of a product video demo is multiple. These are as follows:

  • Demonstrate to the end-users


    how the product exactly works


    in real life.

  • Increase the prospects' interest


    in your products.

  • Showcase the


    product's features and benefits


Your product demo videos should be such that they not only show your products but also demonstrate how to successfully resolve specific problems. For example, if you have a coffee maker, a product video showing how to set it up and make a good cup of coffee helps convince a customer more than any other method.

Examples of good Products Demo Videos

You can check out Joy Resolve's Barisieur Coffee alarm clock for a good product video demo. The video shows how the coffee maker prepares your first cup at your preferred time without any intervention. This video shows that it is highly beneficial for people who prefer drinking coffee in their beds.

Another product demo video from Tertill shows how their robot, which looks like a mini tortoise, can weed the entire garden out. This solar-powered garden robot can work automatically after it has been given instructions. This can be the greatest aid for the customer who is interested in gardening but does not want to pluck weeds all day long.

Why should you create a product demo video?

There are several reasons why you should create a product demo video:

Convince people to purchase your product

A product demo video can ease out the initial hurdles of the sales team to convince your prospects. Seeing a product in action helps convince a person rather than mere words or brochures. On top of that, at least in the first stage, it can work without your sales representatives.

A Word-of-Mouth through social media may increase your sales

You can use your product demo video to engage with your customers on social platforms. An excellent video can spread like flame and reach those users who are experiencing problems that can be solved by your product.

product demo video - in text

Increase the number of satisfied buyers

When customers spend money on your products, they want to be able to use them in a way that is most beneficial for them. With a product demo video, you can guide your clients to use the product properly and leverage all its benefits. It can also act as a self-service channel since the more common problems and solutions can be easily explained over a pre-recorded video rather than a written medium, which can often be more difficult to understand.

It can work as a training tool for internal team

A product demo video can remarkably work as a medium for training your sales and customer service team. With the help of demo videos, your sales & customer representatives will understand how the product works and how they should assist a customer with its usage.

How to create a product demo video?

If you do not have prior experience, try resorting to professionals like Layerise, for their guidance and advanced tools. In the meanwhile, here you have a guide that will help you create the best product demo video:

Set a goal & target audience

A product video demo can have various goals such as increasing subscriptions, education, brand awareness, etc. First, you must figure out your goal and what your videos are trying to achieve. Then, depending upon your target viewers, create videos that suit the goal. Keep in mind that your target audience will play a significant role in determining your video's goal. Depending on the characteristics of your target customers you will need to create different types of videos.

If you find it challenging to set goals, resort to an expert and plan accordingly.

Plan for a budget

Without planning properly for the budget, creating a product demo video will likely cost you more. So, first, you need to assess how much budget you have. If you have a budget of 10,000 dollars and want your video's standard to be more like Apple's, you need to modify your expectation level. A good idea can be to consult with an expert and find out how much can be done with the amount you want to allocate.

Get the proper format and length

The structure of demo videos plays a significant role in achieving your targets. These videos can help you tell a story, highlight pain points or create FOMO to engage viewers. It would be best to decide how you want to convey your message and decide on the format that fits the video best.

Also, make sure you focus on the video length. An ideal length of the video should be within 2 minutes. The more crisp script it has, the more it is engaging. But if you want an in-depth demo video explaining everything about your product, 5 minutes or more will not create issues.

Decide between animated and live-action

Another important aspect of these videos is the type of visuals. For example, you can use animated videos or live people to demonstrate your product's work. These two video types require different strategies and budgets.

For animated videos, you do not need to invest in costly locations and actors, and you will not only save money but time, and effort will also be nominal. These videos can be beneficial for abstract product or service demonstrations.

On the other hand, live-action videos are very authentic, instructive, and have a humanistic touch. But these videos need more investment than animated ones.

Hence, choose the type you think is more effective for your product and customers without breaking the budget.

Write your script

The video script is an essential step when creating an instructional video. It needs to be clear, comprehensive and at the same time short. Written well, it may convey a great message to your prospects and bring valuable outcomes. Though there are no hard and fast rules for script writing, you may start by giving a brief intro, then outline the entire content in a few lines and explain the procedure involved in your product's usage.

Chalk out a marketing plan

After you have created your demo video, it is time to bring it to the market. Now, you must carefully plan a strategy to share the product demo video with your existing and potential customers.

For the best results, you can create 2/3 videos and conduct an A/B test to be sure which one of them is working the best.

Types of Product Demo Videos

Based on the requirements and demands, various product video demos are available. A few of them are:

Product unboxing videos

They provide an in-depth presentation of the product's original packaging and provide examples of how the product works. These videos may be beneficial when customers buy your product for the first time.

How-To videos

How-To Videos help customers to learn how to use the product and its main features. Thanks to this type of video, it will be easier for your existing customers to quickly pick up the product's features and functionalities to start using the product in the best possible way. How-To videos can also be used to explain how to set up and maintain the product.

Tutorial videos

The tutorials' major focus is on the product's features. However, they don't just present the components; they also demonstrate how to use them. As a result, they often benefit people who already own the items rather than those considering making a purchase.

3 best practices for Product Demo Video

You can use these few tips to create product demo videos that will get greater results.

1. Go for a catchy opening line

With an eye-catching and short caption, opening lines will ignite the interest in your viewers' minds. So, put more effort into choosing the right first lines that can be attention-grabbing.

2. Answer possible questions that may arise

Your product demo videos are a way of solving your customers' questions and easing their pain effortlessly. In your videos, don't tell your customers what they will get, rather show them and let them figure it out. Hence, showing all the different uses and benefits of your product through the video is important to solve customers’ doubts about your product.

3. Customize your video for your audience

Not every video is suitable for all types of customers. Hence, it is important to find out which video will work best for a particular target customer and follow that path.

How can Layerise help you share Product Demo Video with your actual customers?

Making product demo videos is crucial to driving sales and providing a unique customer service experience. But creating a demo video is not useful if then your customers do not watch it. Layerise creates a bridge between your company and your customers.

Thanks to Layerise, your customers will access the Virtual Assistant through a QR code located on the packaging or directly on your product. On the Virtual Assistant, they will find all the content related to the product.

Layerise may assist you in gathering all of your content under one roof. Thanks to Layerise you can create simple, advanced, and powerful guides to educate your customers about the product features, and inform them about changes or maintenance activities.

By partnering with us, you can create a next-level post-sales experience and turn it into a key differentiating factor in the buyer's decision process. If you want to learn more about how Layerise can help your business, book a free demo now!