eBook: The definitive guide to CDPs and CDXP's for Consumer Brands.


Enabling consumer brands gain customer data, boost revenue & build loyalty

The first CDXP platform to integrate customer data and experience in one suite for consumer brands.

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The all-included suite

9 powerful solutions to accelerate growth, optimize operations, and enhance customer engagement.

All-in-one platform for consumer brands

Deliver personalized customer experiences by unifying all your data with CDXP, the all-in-one solution.

All-in-one platform
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  • E-commerce
  • Data warehouse
  • Customer Experience
  • Loyalty Programs
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The business challenges that we will solve for you

Layerise tackles business-critical challenges by unifying customer data and delivering personalized experiences.

  • Gain Customer Insights & Activate Your Data

    Harness data quality and updates for enriched customer profiling and segmentation. Opt for built-in channels for exceptional, connected customer experiences, ensuring a meaningful journey.

  • Enhance Customer Communication

    Use your product as a direct marketing channel to integrate customer feedback, enhancing service and offerings effectively.

  • Boost Revenue & Reduce Costs

    Launch premium value-add services and implement hyper-personalized marketing campaigns while minimizing costs through efficient workflows and optimized team collaboration.

  • Promote Sustainability

    Minimize costs through efficient workflows, optimized team collaboration, and effective customer support.

  • Ensure Compliance & Protect Against Counterfeit

    Manage compliance by digitizing documentation, incorporating the Digital Product Passport, and adhering to regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Provide fast and reliable product authentication using any mobile device.

  • Optimize Operational Efficiency

    Streamline processes, enhance team collaboration, and deliver effective customer support to reduce operational costs and improve overall efficiency.

Impact from our customer's perspective

Alta Cycling Group

We’re thrilled with customer adoption and the valuable data we’ve gathered. This unprecedented level of insight, especially from working with retailers nationwide, allows us to enhance customer experiences.
Our support team has noticed a significant drop in setup and parts questions, as customers now find it much easier to get answers through our online assistant instead of the printed manual, website, or calls.

Grad Global

Achieving an after-sales experience that matches our innovative products has been crucial. Layerise helps us build personal connections, gather valuable feedback, and boost customer loyalty.
Tracking customers and products was previously challenging, as we lost visibility once they left the building. However, Layerise dismissed our worries and made tracking effortless.

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Ultimate marketer's guide: Revenue optimized customer understanding

Ultimate marketer's guide: Revenue optimized customer understanding

Discover the power of customer data and learn to create personalized and relevant journeys that impact business critical activities

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