Delve Deeper into your Form Data

Delve Deeper into your Form Data

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Delve Deeper into your Form Data

At Layerise, we are committed to enhancing your customer engagement through regular feature updates designed to make your interactions more personalized, effective, and insightful. In line with this commitment, we're delighted to introduce our latest platform enhancements: Advanced Reports, Default Setting for Assistants and Forms, and Customer Registration Requirements for Assistant Components.

Unlocking Value with Form Insights

In our increasingly data-driven landscape, robust reports and analytics are critical for informed decision-making and effective strategy development. Layerise now empowers you to view detailed statistics for each Form you create. This includes total Form entries, the number of questions answered, and an in-depth analysis of specific question responses. By providing a comprehensive overview of your Form performance, you can promptly identify areas for improvement, leading to quicker adaptations and more effective strategies.

From a consumer goods brand perspective, Form insights hold immense value. Tracking your Forms enables you to quantify and understand customer behavior, pinpointing customer journey stages that may deter product purchases. Additionally, our platform allows you to preemptively secure customer contact information like phone numbers and email addresses, enabling you to automate your engagement with customers demonstrating unhealthy behavior patterns.

Forms Insights - Layerise

Upon reviewing your Form performance, you gain detailed insights into your Form, respondents, and their answers, providing a granular view of specific questions. Here's a brief overview of the data you'll have access to:

  • The number of complete and incomplete Form responses: Monitor your Form engagement levels by tracking how many customers initiated the Form and the number who completed it.

  • Submission percentage: Understand your Form's effectiveness by analyzing the percentage of customers who submitted their responses.

  • In-depth overview of answers: Gain insights into customer preferences and choices by reviewing their responses to each question.

Additionally, Layerise enables automatic data capture from Forms, eliminating the need for manual data retrieval. Once captured, you can review, adapt, and improve your Form to better align with your customers' expectations and marketing data requirements. This feature ensures all your data is sourced from a single platform, allowing you to define specific metrics, set goals, and customize their representation in any Business Intelligence (BI) tool you use.

Boost Engagement with Content Consumption Insights

Further enhancing our platform, we've upgraded our reporting capabilities to provide comprehensive insights into your customers' content consumption patterns. This upgrade includes in-depth data on customer interactions with Videos, Articles, and Stories, enabling you to identify what captures customer attention and drives engagement.

Content Insights - Layerise

For consumer goods brands, content tracking can be instrumental in identifying increased product demand, helping anticipate production and staffing requirements to meet consumer demand. Online content engagement behavior tracking also aids in crafting targeted advertising and digital marketing campaigns for specific market segments. Additionally, insights into customer content consumption can inform customer service improvements throughout the marketing and sales funnel. Understanding what customers value at each stage of the sales journey empowers brands to provide the right support and nurture these customers, ultimately aiming to boost their Lifetime Value (LTV).

Simplify Processes with Default Assistants and Forms

To simplify your workflow and increase efficiency in product setup, we're introducing the ability to set default Assistants and Forms for each product you create on Layerise. This feature automatically assigns a designated Assistant and Form to every new product, saving you precious time and ensuring uniformity across your product range. The result? A smoother product creation process and a consistent customer experience across all your offerings.

Introducing Enhanced Settings for Assistant Components

Striving for greater control and flexibility in your engagement strategy, we've added a new configuration option for Assistant components. You can now require customer registration for specific Assistant components, restricting interaction and content consumption to registered customers. This feature not only incentivizes customer registration but also ensures that premium content is exclusively accessible to registered customers, adding another layer of personalization to your customer engagement strategy.

Thank you for the support

We believe that these new enhancements will greatly benefit you in making your customer interactions more targeted, meaningful, and insightful. As always, we're committed to improving and enriching our platform to better serve your needs. We're excited to see how you will utilize these new features to enhance your customer engagement efforts. 

All features covered in this release are rolling out over the next couple of weeks, starting from today and are made available in your account. Moreover, to see if you have access to all our newest improvements and features, visit our pricing page or talk to our Customer Success team.

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