How to Craft Your Product Packaging to Boost Customer Engagement

How to Craft Your Product Packaging to Boost Customer Engagement

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In today's fiercely competitive market, the key to standing out might just be sitting on your shelves. Packaging, often underestimated, plays a pivotal role in branding and customer engagement. Innovative packaging solutions have transformed the way businesses connect with consumers. 

Yet, while appealing designs may draw customers' attention to your product, there is more to packaging than fulfils the eye.

It's not just about aesthetics, as there's an increasing emphasis on sustainability. Sustainability is an equally important factor in reshaping the packaging landscape. Companies are incorporating sustainable technologies into packaging designs in response to a global push towards eco-friendly practises.

In addition to that, thanks to digital technologies, packaging can be used as a touchpoint with the end consumer, establishing a direct channel of communication and increasing retention.

That underscores a holistic shift in consumer expectations and industry standards. 

Read on to learn how you can blend aesthetics with responsibility via innovative packaging. We’ll also cover how that can help your brand capture attention and nurture customer engagement. 

What is innovative packaging?

Simply put, innovative packaging includes all creative and one-of-a-kind methods of presenting, preserving, and promoting products. Packaging innovation entails thinking outside the box, literally!

This type of packaging typically combines functionality and branding. It acts as a fundamental interface between your company and its customers.

Significance in the industry:

  • Brand differentiation: Countless products are fighting for consumers' attention on supermarket shelves. Innovative packaging helps your brand stand out in crowded markets.

  • Sustainability: As environmental concerns rise, packaging innovations focus on eco-friendly solutions. It’s a great way to fuse function with responsibility.

  • User experience: Enhanced unboxing experiences lead to increased customer loyalty and retention.

Staying ahead with new solutions:

Businesses today understand how crucial the combination of aesthetic and function can be. That’s exactly why brands across industries are:

  • Incorporating cutting-edge materials that cater to sustainability goals.

  • Embracing smart packaging solutions with QR codes and NFC tags to enrich the customer experience.

  • Collaborating with designers for out-of-the-box concepts that encapsulate the brand essence.

In today's market, innovative packaging is more than a trend; it is something customers have expectations on.

Boosting customer engagement through product packaging

Packaging is not just about protecting the product, it's an essential brand communication tool. When designed thoughtfully, it can increase useability and substantially elevate customer engagement.

Here are some ways creativity and novelty in product packaging can add to your customer's overall experience with your brand: 

Interactive packaging

Interactive packaging transforms the passive experience of receiving a product into an active one. But the biggest benefit most brands are missing out on is customer data. Interactive packaging means creating a new customer experience touch-point. 

Software solutions such as Layerise can harvest first-party customer data using these touchpoints. By making the packaging a part of the product experience, brands can:

  • Foster deeper consumer connection.

  • Make unboxing more exciting and aesthetically pleasing for social media posts.

  • Create shareable moments, enhancing brand visibility.

The role of QR codes

QR codes have emerged as a game-changer in product packaging, offering a multitude of opportunities.

Layerise helps brands leverage these benefits of QR codes for brands via packaging and digital manuals: 

  • QR codes add a direct connection touchpoint between brands and users. It's easier to connect with digital platforms, link to websites, videos, or user manuals.

  • They are a great way to encourage customers to share their experiences. Feedback and reviews provide essential data to brands.

  • Scanning can reveal discounts or loyalty rewards, helping foster a sense of exclusivity among consumers.

  • QR codes can be used to verify the genuineness of the product, leading to enhanced product authenticity.

Packaging in the supply chain

In the modern supply chain, packaging isn't limited to the outer layer of your products anymore. With Layerise’s platform, packaging can be designed to play many diverse roles:

  • It assists in efficient and safe product transportation.

  • Packaging communicates brand values and ethos.

  • It functions as an informative tool, conveying product details and instructions.

Building relationships through packaging

For a brand, the first physical touchpoint with a customer is often the product packaging. That presents an opportunity to:

  • Attract customers with eye-catching designs.

  • Convey brand stories and values.

  • Encourage repeat purchases through memorable unboxing experiences.

Well-thought-out product packaging can be a potent tool to drive customer engagement and foster brand loyalty.

5 Innovative packaging ideas to inspire your next creation

Packaging is constantly evolving. Brands are aiming to get more and more consumers while advocating for sustainability. 

Here are five leading brands that are working on out-of-the-box innovative packaging ideas for their products: 

1. Paper-based packaging

  • Brand: Coca-Cola

  • Innovation: The company is testing a paper bottle prototype to reduce plastic usage and carbon footprint.

  • Business impact: These measures solidify the brand’s commitment to a sustainable future. It also potentially attracts environmentally conscious consumers.

2. Interactive packaging

  • Brand: Diageo's 

  • Innovation: Diageo's introduced the Johnnie Walker bottle with interactive packaging. It uses smart label technology to provide consumers with promotional offers and cocktail recipes.

  • Business impact:  The smart labels fortified the safety of the brand’s whiskey, as each label is integrated with a temper-sensor technology. Diageo introduced new ways for its product to be used, augmented its customer’s experience, and enhanced its brand image. 

3. Plant-based plastic packaging

4. Flexible packaging

  • Innovation: The brand has designed compostable chip bags. These bags decompose in backyard compost bins in just under 14 weeks.

  • Business impact: The brand reaffirms its commitment to a green future with this waste reduction initiative.

5. Edible packaging

  • Brand: Unilever's Solero

  • Innovation: Unveiled organic, edible ice cream wrappers to combat plastic waste.

  • Business impact: The innovation has made headlines and positively impacted Unilever’s brand image. The brand has managed to offer a unique consumer experience while promoting sustainability.  

Step up your packaging game with Layerise 

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, brands must re-imagine their product packaging to stay ahead. Innovative packaging can deliver on multiple fronts for brands that dare to think creatively. It enhances the user experience and is crucial in determining a brand's positioning in the market. 

Layerise offers a holistic suite of tools and software solutions for manufacturers striving to stay ahead of the curve. With Layerise integrated packaging, you can offer an enhanced and interactive customer experience. All the while improving functionality and reducing your product’s carbon footprint.

Ready to elevate your brand to new heights with groundbreaking packaging design and sustainable solutions? Book a demo today to experience what Layerise offers for your product line and customer service.